We are a small family shop designing and manufacturing fine tactical and household products in Orange County, California.  During the Corona virus outbreak we printed TONS of face shields and ear savers for our medical friends and first line responders.  

As demand started to wane, we decided to put our printers to good use and start a small side business on Etsy and Ebay.   We outgrew them, but still have a presence remaining.  

We hope you like our little shop.  It is a continued work in progress!



We have almost 10 years of experience 3D printing various things. All of our products are 3D printed with high-end custom built prosumer printers utilizing industrial strength ABS, PETG, PC, and PLA+. 

3D printing however, is not an exact science.  Although minor surface blemishes are a common occurrence, it does not effect the function or the strength of the product at all.  It’s unfortunately the nature of the beast.  We weed out products that we feel have too many blemishes however.  Eventually we will sell all these at deep discounts under blemishes, so they can find a nice home instead of filling a landfill somewhere.

Our latest acquisition include an industrial grade SLS printer.  This was quite an expensive investment for our little shop.  It will allow us to further our craft and significantly improve our products.